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The only one UL/CSA listed OEM Manufacturer in China.
The best and biggest load center and meter base manufacturer in China.
The only one manufacturer that has all testing machine according to UL/CSA And IEC/IECEE standards. 
we are manufacturers for eaton,siemens, airpax, leviton,among others.
Our products have US type, BS type, Euro type, which are supplying to all of the world.

ULCSA certification

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ULCSA certification

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ULCSA is North America's renowned product safety certification organization, if your product needs to enter the North American market, then your products must comply with US and Canadian safety regulations.

Laboratories company's founder (UL)
1890s, many American cities spate of serious fires, blamed electrical equipment and electrical fire.
In order to avoid the tragedy from happening again, Williams. Mr. Merrill founded the "underwriting electrical engineering bureau," that is, "the State Department of Electrical Engineering Bureau of Fire" in 1894 predecessor. UL with only two employees and $ 350 worth of test equipment, wholesale first test report on 24 March the same year.
In 1901, Mr. Merrill handedly founded the engineering bureau reorganized company Underwriters Laboratories (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.), and will be extended to areas outside of test electronic motor.

CSA International, Canadian Standards Association
CSA International was founded in 1919, is one of North America's most famous product certification bodies, providing tests for electrical appliances, machinery, consumer and commercial electronics, IT / AV equipment, industrial equipment, gas appliances and other electrical components and products in different sectors and certification services. CSA International certification mark is a gateway to Canada, the United States and other international market permits, widely accepted and recognized standards bodies in North America, but also the first choice for the majority of retailers in North America. Many of the world-class production enterprises with CSA International as an open partner for the North American market. For users, CSA International's logo means greater quality and security.
CSA International licensed the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), is listed nationally recognized laboratory (NRTL), and authorized Standards Council of Canada (SCC) of. In the United States and Canada, CSA mark recognized health and safety, electrical, gas, construction, sanitary and many other areas of management.

Zhejiang Youtai Electrical Co.,Ltd.'s main products are: switch boxes, meter boxes, lighting boxes, electrical components and other products. We are an import-export enterprise, export-oriented set of meter boxes, control boxes and related accessories in the development, design, production, sales and technical support services. The products are widely used in industrial, commercial and residential terminal distribution system, which meet the American electricity meter box is the only standard by CSA / UL certified products, obtain access to both the United States and Canada qualify, the company has a number of products patent.