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How to test the meter box is checked

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How to test the meter box is checked

: admin: 2015-08-11: 59

First, the meter box housing the appearance inspection
Surface meter box housing should be smooth, clean, no rust, paint used to meet the technical requirements indicated, the coating should be firm, uniform color and reflection does not occur.

Second, the meter box installation inspection
1. All electrical components are arranged to be reasonable, in line with the requirements;
2. line positions, qualifying positions, table positions distinct compartments;
3. element models, specifications consistent with the drawings.

Third, the meter box wire installation check
1. The wire cross-section carrying capacity should meet the standard requirements;
2. When connecting the main circuit elements insulated wire should be used a common standard of c crimp ends, sequential color must comply.;
3. The wiring should meet the technical documents, neat appearance, solid and reliable;
4. conductive member is not insulated wire laid across the metal components have protection;
5. The two intermediate connecting line between the electrical components should not have joints;
6. clearances and creepage distances, clearances should ≮5.5mm, creepage distances shall ≮6.3mm

Fourth, the meter box insulation resistance measurement
Measured with 1000V megger rated voltage 1KV and below the device, the insulation resistance should be not less than 5 megohms.

Fifth, the meter box is powered operation test
1. Before the test, the need to carefully check the meter box internal wiring, in line with the electrical schematic, verify that all wiring is correct, the insulation resistance after current test was conducted to meet the requirements;
2. Component after power voltage and outlet side should properly;
3. electrical components switch switching test is not stuck, the operator overload phenomenon;
4. For leakage-type element, start with test button, there should be protection action phenomenon;
5. Confirm the brightest outlet, switch and connection corresponding table should not be confused, misplaced.

Six meter box visual inspection
1. Product nameplate beautiful and clean, steel word clear, correct, all data should be consistent with the certificate;
2. The paint, coatings without blistering, loss, pitting and the like;
3. glass no scratches, smooth, angular aluminum moldings;
4. The outgoing label and the cabinet to ensure correct code;
5. Dark packing case mounting schematic correctly identified, field installed correctly;
6. line positions, table positions shall seals door locks and other security measures or measure;
7. Process card posted strong and filled out clearly the correct job number.

Seven meter boxes grounding and then zero check
1. Wu for the meter box: Line zero row to row and into the line, the line of zero discharge and zero discharge outlet, inlet and outlet lines to row to row are communicating with 25mm2, (put aside two 4mm2 meter power cord AC220V).
2. Often for the meter box: Line Zero box to box and into the line, the line to the junction box to the junction box and outlet are in communication with 25mm2.
3. Wu supply and often for all meter box: In addition to the thread at the meter does not require lining of tin, the rest of the thread to be lining tin; zero should be obvious, identified.

Eight Notes
1. The power-on operation should pay attention to safety, to prevent electric shock.
2. The operator should be required to carry out inspection and debugging of record, pay special inspection carried out after the factory test self-qualified.
3. In the checking and debugging process is found not to comply with requirements, should be "quality information feedback alone" form to ask questions, and analyze the reasons for rework, after passing inspection report quality control section to prepare the factory data.