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Features and advantages of the meter box housing material

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Features and advantages of the meter box housing material

: admin: 2015-07-09: 44

1, good electrical properties
Used in the manufacture of electrical products, fiber-reinforced polyester material has the following electrical properties:
Insulation resistance (immersion 24h): 1.0x10 MΩ
Arc resistance: 180s
Proof tracking index: ≥600v
Insulation protection and anti-creepage indicators in line with DIN / VDE standards. This material not only has excellent electrical insulation properties, and able to maintain good dielectric properties, immune to electromagnetic effects at high frequencies, does not reflect electromagnetic waves. These properties can be compared to the far non-metallic materials.

2, resistance to chemical corrosion
Fiber reinforced polyester material with good acid, alkali, salt, organic solvents, water and other corrosion properties, while the metal material is not acid-resistant, corrosion resistant to seawater.

3, lightweight, high strength
Specific strength and specific modulus material is a measure of carrying capacity indicators, specific modulus fiber-reinforced polyester material with the steel equivalent, but its specific strength up to 4 times that of steel before the.

4, anti-fatigue properties
Tensile strength fiber reinforced polyester material slightly better than steel, steel and most metallic materials fatigue limit is 40% -50% of its tensile strength, while the anti-fatigue limit of fiber reinforced composite material is generally higher than that a value, can reach up to 70% -80%.

5, notch sensitivity
When a member is overloaded and a small amount of fiber breakage, the load distribution on the rapid destruction of the fiber is not re-achieve mechanical equilibrium. This is the metal components can not be compared.

6, low thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion
Thermal stress generated when the temperature difference is smaller than the metal.

7, excellent resistance to UV aging resistance
Non-metallic materials, fiber-reinforced polyester material with excellent anti-aging properties. After aging performance tests show that the use of different locations, in which the different climatic zones, its surface thickness maximum age is 20 years less than 50μm. Most of the housing of the minimum thickness is 5mm, the thickness of the housing is less than 1%, so there is no significant effect on the mechanical properties of the cabinet. So outside the company took a special UV-resistant surface treatment process, more strengthened its anti-aging properties.

8, long life
Europe can use history to prove its life at least more than 20 years; after simulated aging tests show that more than 20 years of its life, far more than the metal and other traditional materials. Some use of such material pipe production company also claimed that its service life is 50 years of pipe.

9, fire, smoke, toxic
This material is a fire retardant material, flame retardant rating of FV0 (non-metallic material is most advanced), under the high temperature burning smoke emission level of 15 (fuming Level 1 -100 level), toxic fumes toxicity level ZA1 (a quasi-safe).