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Composition meter box housing material

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Composition meter box housing material

: admin: 2015-07-07: 80

Materials used to make low-voltage cable branch box box is a resin-based composite materials. Main components box into ABS plastic, polycarbonate transparent PC material, DMC, SMC four materials injection, repression.

This composite material consists of two parts: a base - polyester resin; reinforcing material (referred to PC, SMC), which is so called transparent PC material, fiber-reinforced polyester material. Transparent PC materials, fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester is an unsaturated polyester resin composite matrix. Such two materials having insoluble, flame retardant recyclable characteristics, the latter having a non-melting material can not be recycled to the drawbacks of the physical structure of a three-dimensional network structure, the four-modified functional filler material and by special fiber reinforced been become a high-performance engineering materials.

In Europe and other developed countries, as early as a few decades ago this material was widely used in the electrical field.